Monday, December 24, 2012

Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome

Welcome to the HPOTS blog. This is my first posting and I am just getting started on creating this. Since I have HPOTS and I am also trying to work part time, it is likely to be slow going in getting things posted. If you have any form of POTS, you will understand why that is. If you don't, it's because POTS is a disabling illness with a wide array of symptoms of continuous fatigue, dizziness, low or high blood pressure, syncope, or pre-syncope, anxiety, nausea, and many, many other issues. It is completely disabling at times and is unpredictable in its severity which ranges from extreme to somewhat manageable. It is a terrible life altering condition. My goal is to share my own experiences with particular focus on the hyperadrenergic form of POTS, collect resources, and to let other HPOTS sufferers know that you are not alone!

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Thoughts on Buna ISD Bond

The Buna ISD has put a photos of the Junior High and the High School on their website. I am assuming that this is to show what needs to be fixed? The work at the Junior High is a given. Something needs to be done there. New school, something. The next question is where???? The high school, I agree needs some work......The question is this...what? The photos show some portable buildings. Trouble is, not all the portable buildings are being used. Several are store rooms, with no classes being held inside. When they were drug behind the Senior End, we complained then, only for our complains to fall on deaf ears. They became additional spots for teachers to watch for smokers, dopers, sexers.

Monday, December 10, 2012

HPOTS Training - HPOTS deliver forklift training, crane training and working at heights training

Friday, March 30, 2012

Eating the Elephant

Q: How do you eat an elephant?A: The same way you eat anything, one bite at a time.I'm 200+ pages into Good Calories, Bad Calories. It's 600+ pages with enough footnotes to give a NASA scientiest a hardon. It's drier than a box of saltine crackers, but very informative, albeit with a lot of science jargon. As someone without a background in science, it's hard to digest but not impossible. I don't

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Elvis is everywhere!

I randomly remembered this song that has such awesome lines "who built the pyramids? Elvis!" The girlfriend thought I made it up, but after a few minutes I found it and started singing it. Elvis is everywhere, baby, enjoy it!!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

I'm an uncle!

I got the news last night that my sister in law gave birth to a baby boy. I wonder why people always specify that it was a "baby" boy. Is that really a necessary adjective? Are there a lot of people who give birth to full grown boys, such that you'd have to specify to avoid confusion?"Really? you had a boy? a baby one or full grown? ateenager? that must've been painful!"I don't know if it was a "

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Elvis: the other kind of Fight Club

Happy belated birthday to the third greatest American to ever walk the earth, Elvis Presley. In case you are wondering who the first and second greatest Americans are, they are Thomas Jefferson and Jack Lalanne, in that order. You might think this is open to debate, but it's not. Arguing about this is like arguing about the existence of gravity; it will just make you look foolish. Here's