Thursday, April 4, 2013

Asbestos Removal By Jason Gluckman

Many buildings hold the presence of carcinogenic Asbestos which was used in thermal system insulation and numerous other materials. Before the ban on “popcorn ceilings” in the United States in 1978, its use was a common practice in the construction of homes. The “popcorn ceiling” is a source of the dangerous Asbestos, and therefore initiates a health need to remove the Asbestos present in the home and get the same verified in a competent laboratory. Asbestos might also be found in homes built as late as 1986, and therefore initiates a need of even their inspection. It is essential to determine the location of Asbestos, and them remove and dispose of it. After removal, a proper disposal is crucial. The Hazardous Materials and Waste Management Division regulates the disposal of Asbestos as a solid waste. The requirements presented in this brief account on asbestos removal applies to Asbestos containing waste and is not inclusive of Category I and Category II non-friable Asbestos waste that has not been reduced, crumbled, or pulverized to powder.

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  1. This article is so informative! Asbestos is indeed a very harmful chemical. This can actually cause the possibility of cancer in one is exposed to this chemical for a period of time. Removal of asbestos is very important and the right party to handle this are the professionals. Thanks for sharing!