Tuesday, October 2, 2007

NaNoWriMo 2007 Blogroll

This is a list of NaNoWriMo 2007 blogs! These brave bloggers are writing novels in November and will be blogging about the process. Some will even be blogging their novels! If you would like to be added to this blogroll, you can comment here and I'll add you! Also, if you want to link to this blogroll, please use this permalink and it will update as I add new names! Let's support each other and spread the word about NaNoWriMo!
*Disclaimer: The blogs on this list and the opinions stated on these blogs are the property of their owners.*

Snapshots of Life
Available Light
Book 'N' a Mug Blog
Snikkel In Stitches
Writing Sya
Writing and Kids
Between Drafts
To Create A Write-Like Feel
Write on Track
Reality Doesn't Live Here
Ingenious Title To Appear Here Later
Meanwhile, back in my brain...
Paper & Quill Pen
Mind in Motion
Matt's Write Site
Dragon Dreams
Raindancing Dragons
Magdalena-Christy's NaNoLj
HED's Writing Mission
Scribbles From An Abstract Mind
Always looking up, Always Dreaming
Enlarging the Mirage
Writer's Report
like a bird on the wire
Words That Stay
Area Woman Falls Prey to Narcissistic E-trend
More Mr Nice Guy
Writing and Other Creative Goodness
Always Hiding in My Own Shadow of Confusion
EK's Star Log: The NaNoWriMo Edition
K. David Ladage
Another Version of the Truth
Miss Christina
Tess Does NaNoWriMo
Aspiring Romance Writer
Sticky Note Stories
Pike's Revenge
Sleep is for the weak
Sinful Things
..x.. Measure Your Life In Love ..x..
Anachronistic Illusion
Shelby Does NaNoWriMo
You don't need a pen to be a writer, Vince.
A Strongly Worded Letter
Got Nothin'
Ecritures Du Moi
Vitamin D
it'll come to me later
State of Gracie
Sundry Scribblings
Oh, Pfft.
Mystik Madness
My Life and other Ramblings
Writer's Cramp
Stn. George & The Dragon
asphyxi LJ
skye bird's LJ
Fifty Miles West Of Normal
The Diary Within
The Writer in the Red Hat
Hayley's Place
A Thousand Words a Day
I Write My Fantasies
Anna Scott Graham
Back Seat of the Short Bus
Choose Your Own Adventure
David Bridger
Internal Rant of a Spotted Mind
The Dragon's Daughter
The White Rose
Writing is Wunderbar!
Live Out Loud
a watered-down version of the devil
In Sunlight and in Shade
the silent dandeLION - NaNoWriMo
Geverabert's NaNoWriMo Blog
The Poisoned Apple
Sarah's Nano 2007
My NaNovel - No Way, Not Me
Adding chaos to the world, one thought at a time.
A Most Ingenious Paradox
Sweet Romance Writing...
Underneath the Staircase
Mister Unhipster
There's No Going Back
A Writer Writes
A [NaNoWriMo] Novelist...
NaNoWriMo '07 - A Journey in 50,000 Words
the year of living dangerously
A Rose By Any Other Name...
The Pig's Lip
Thumper Thinks Out Loud
The Ancient Standard
Faith's Blog
[work in progress]
Euphrates' Musings
Euphrates' Epiphanies
Fyreflixie & NaNoWriMo
Eclectic & Random
Writing in the Roses Red
Write on the Edge
This State I'm In

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